These pages contain HIGHLY graphic pictures of actual operations and may not be suitable for younger viewers

Of all the casualties of war, the children were the hardest to treat. They had no part in the war, yet they suffered as much as anyone.  To all the children of the war, I pray your life is a little bit easier now.

This 10 year old girl was brought to us to see if we could do anything for her. At age 3 she was caught in a fire and her left side was burned so bad we had little hope of doing anything. Her head and ear were beyond our skills, for that she needed a plastic surgeon, but we had hopes for her hand. As the following pictures show, her hand was fused to her arm, and her fingers were connected. What we attempted to do and did was to separate her hand from her arm and separate her fingers.

Here, we have separated her hand and have begun to separate her fingers.

Skin grafting was done on her hand.

Here she lies, hand and arm operation complete, but again we could no nothing for her head.